Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Going For A Night Out in .... Nice, France

Name: Ines & Philipine
Lives in: Nice & Paris

Who are you Wearing?

-Ines is wearing a Zara Dress from last summer ($80)
with a Gas necklace ($85) and an Hermes Bracelet ($400)
-Philipine is wearing a Gap Shirt ($30) with a Bershka Short ($25) and a Vintage Hermes Belt.

What are your Favorites Places to shop ?
Zara, H&M and Vintage Stores but I always add prestigious brands to accessorize!
I don't really have set rules regarding my Favorites Stores it depends on my mood and ''coup de coeur''! My outfit really reflect on my envie and impulsion of the moment.

Who are your Style Icons?

Well, we always look at magazines to find inspirations but to tell you a name on the top of my head it will be Nicole Richie, The Olsen Sister and Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & The City.

Shopping Rush ?

Zara: http://www.zara.com/
Bershka: http://www.bershka.com/
Gas Bijoux: http://www.gasbijoux.fr/
Gap: http://www.gap.com/


  1. le blog de la bof attitude, quoi!
    vas faire un tour sur garance doré, sea of shoes ou le blog de betty
    et tu verras que pour avoir une belle tenue il faut pas forcément avoir un minimum de 100 euros en marques bling bling sur soi!

  2. qualifier hermes de marque bling bling dennonce sans aucun doute une legere frustration!

  3. moi jadore ce blog cest vrai cest peut etre pas votre style detrs classe mais moi je suis toujours tres bien habille... et y a rien de bling bling comme les racaille den haut dirait mais un short a 20 euros ca va pas vous ruiner les rmistes du dessus haha

    rester ac vos jogg addidas !!

  4. loving the short on her !

  5. jadore leurs styles tres classes !!

    vraiment les filles vs etes tres bien

  6. simple and clean but still gets the personality across.

  7. Gorgeous! That dress is perfect for the type of weather we've been having lately. I love when people dress practical, yet stylish. Her smile only makes it that much better.

    I'm so happy

  8. Beautiful photograph! And lovely smile!

  9. From France, nice! I just changed my blog name to fashionarrondissement.blogspot.com to WHATSWORN.BLOGSPOT.COM

  10. i never would've guessed this young madam was only a teeny bopper...! she oozes sohisticated style!

    I'm also in love with the lighting!